St. Thomas à Becket Parish
4320 Ste. Anne, Pierrefonds, Quebec H9H 4Y7Office: 514-626-4111Email:

Parish Leadership

Our parish is administered by a Fabrique; which consists of seven or eight members - six church wardens, the Pastor, and the Chair if different from the Pastor . The wardens consist of Roman Catholic men or women, living within our boundaries, elected by the members of the parish also living within the boundaries. The term of a warden is for three years and elections to replace two wardens are held annually during the last two months of each fiscal year. Each warden has specific duties related to the temporal affairs of the parish.

Siro Di Marco
 (514) 620-1156 Robert Demers
 (514) 624-8745
Norm Cousineau
Gerry Richardson
 (514) 694-2984
Anna Donald
 (514) 620-2258 Peter Cook
Hall Rentals(514) 620-2019

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to provide a consultative body that represents the whole parish community. They serve as consultants to the pastoral team to help discern the pastoral priorities for our parish. The council enlists the many and varied gifts of the laity within our parish to ensure that pastoral programs are implemented, as we continue to carry out the mission of Christ. The PPC consists of the pastoral team, one warden, and ten elected parishioners. Elected members serve on this committee for a term of three years each.

In general, the goals and objectives can include:
  • Helping parishioners be witnesses to the Gospel and more aware of their basic responsibilities (worship, charity);
  • Developing and encouraging a sense of belonging among parishioners;
  • Keeping parishioners informed of what is happening within the parish and in the diocese;
  • Identifying needs and resources of the parish and plan pastoral projects to meet those needs.

Working together with our fellow parishioners, we remain committed to the mission of “Reaching out to build a loving community of Faith”.

Pastoral Team
Fr. Peter Sabbath      Elsa Rivera (PCL)
Fr. Tijo George      Elena Castiglione (PCL)
Deacon Marco Argentino      Warden Rep TBA
Elected Members
Ailsa Lee Loy (2016)      Darroch Robertson (2015)   
Fiona Robertson(2017)      Chuck Lawton (2017)
Aurora Apgao (2015)      Rosa Raschella (2017)
Steve Barillaro (2015)      Damian Rivera (2015)
Michelle King (2016) (Chair)      Jacqueline Gagné (2016)