St. Thomas à Becket Parish
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Mass Intentions for June 2018

1 8:30AM Alberta Fiori (The Gafoor Family)
2 4:30PM Vincent Pittman (Bill & Maureen Kelly)
3 9:00AM Len Bocarro (Becket CWL)
11:00AM Our Parishioners
4 8:30AM Gerry Emsley (Lise & family)
5 8:30AM Maria Lockheimer and Derek Heath (The Meier family)
6 8:30AM Vito, Lina & Lino Marcario (Rina Della Rocca)
7 8:30AM James Tille (Yolanda & Loris Ricci)
8 8:30AM Mabel Oliveira (The family)
9 4:30PM Anita de Felice (Husband & Children)
10 9:00AM Our Parishioners
11:00AM Fernand Froment (The Estate)
11 8:30AM James Tille (Yolanda & Loris Ricci)
12 8:30AM Ernie Cassidy (Becket's CWL)
13 8:30AM Len Bocarro (The Lyons family)
14 8:30AM David Sherk (Mary & Guy Taillon)
15 8:30AM Mark Julius Coelho (Pat & Donny)
16 4:30PM Salvatore Furino (Rosemary & Joe Furino)
17 9:00AM Kevin Meek (Meals on Wheels St. Charles)
11:00AM Our Parishioners
18 8:30AM James Tille (Yolanda & Loris Ricci)
19 8:30AM Roberto De Gregorio (Kathleen Rush & Tom Heald)
20 8:30AM Nina Gallo (Becket Wardens)
21 8:30AM Ernie Cassidy (Gloria Della Rocca)
22 8:30AM Neil Longlade (The family)
23 4:30PM Vito Marcario & Family (Rina Della Rocca)
24 9:00AM In Thanksgiving to St. Anthony & St. Jude for favor received (Audrey Poisson)
11:00AM Our Parishioners
25 8:30AM Joan Pinto (The Bocarro family)
26 8:30AM Ernest Cassidy (Maurice Bluteau)
27 8:30AM Catherine Guenette (Marie Meier)
28 8:30AM Jennifer Kitchen (Barbara Percival)
29 8:30AM Rosalie Mennillo (Rosemary & Alex Della Rocca)
30 4:30PM Leonard Bocarro (Teresa Listorti)

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