St. Thomas à Becket Parish
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Mass Intentions for January 2019

1 10:00AM Our Parishioners
2 8:30AM Joanne Brues (Peggy & Gerry Maciuk)
3 8:30AM Peter Dwyer (Mary & Guy Taillon)
4 8:30AM Edna Soares (Atwell D'Souza & family)
5 4:30PM Connie Powers (Atwell D'Souza & family)
6 9:00AM Mabel Oliveira (The family)
11:00AM Our Parishioners
7 8:30AM Emil Levering (The Children of the Light Prayer Group)
8 8:30AM Angelo Francescutti (The family)
9 8:30AM Jenny Gallo (Rose & Julia)
10 8:30AM Bernice Bartholomew (Donna Ellis Bernier)
11 8:30AM John & Enid Fernandes (Paschal, Marie & Dylan Fernandes)
12 4:30PM Gregorina Martins (The D'Cruz Family)
13 9:00AM Christopher Sebastian (Suzanna, Tobias & Family)
11:00AM Our Parishioners
14 8:30AM Dorotea Giuseppe & Vito Marcario (Rina Della Rocca)
15 8:30AM Olga Picard (Julia Principe)
16 8:30AM Jenny Gallo (Christine & Pierre)
17 8:30AM Filippa Randisi (Rose & Julia)
18 8:30AM Maria Gnassi (Anna Donald)
19 4:30PM Chris Kolodnicki (Mike & Rina Callard)
20 9:00AM Our Parishioners
11:00AM Maria Bastone (Concetta Vocino)
21 8:30AM William Ford (Barbara & Nicole Percival)
22 8:30AM Stanley Szuszkowski (Linda)
23 8:30AM Tom O'Connell (Denyse Fournier)
24 8:30AM Babs Linton (Ron & Joy Pinto)
25 8:30AM Dean & Tom Stock (Cathy, Phil & Family)
26 4:30PM Maria Bastone (Rosemary & Joe Furino)
27 9:00AM Our Parishioners
11:00AM Francis Mendonza (The family)
28 8:30AM Poletta Di Sciullio (Maiocco) (Sabrina Drudi)
29 8:30AM Poletta Di Sciullio (Maiocco) (Carol & Leonard Drudi)
30 8:30AM In Thanksgiving to St. Thomas à Becket
31 8:30AM Linda Harper (Donna Waugh)

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