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  • September 24, 2020
    • Until and if the government relaxes the current unjust restrictions on church attendance, we will now be limited to 25 persons at each Mass. (See the Quebec bishops’ most recent press release).
      We are, however, permitted to hold two Masses concurrently, one in the church and the other in the parish hall, as we do at Christmas and Easter.

      Even so, that limits our numbers to 50 altogether at each Mass time. So as not to be turning people away at the door, we will now require advance registration, which many parishes have already been doing. The total include the priests, lectors, musicians and volunteers (who do not need to register), so we will be able to welcome only 18 at each Mass location. Two-metre distancing and masks will be obligatory at all times, including while seated. Your health and safety remain our first concern.

      Click here to register. It’s very simple and self-explanatory.

      Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time. We realize that many people will be disappointed, and we hope that a resolution will be found very soon. The 11:00 Mass in church will continue to be livestreamed.

  • September 21-22, 2020
    • Concerning what you are hearing in the news regarding Montreal now being in the orange alert level, the diocese has sent this directive: “Until further notice, the health instructions issued by the Archdiocese of Montreal remain in effect (250 participants maximum attendance).” Therefore, for now we will continue to welcome you as usual on weekdays and weekends. There is no change. Be assured that we will keep you informed of developments as they occur.
      The Catholic Bishops of Quebec have issued an excellent press release concerning the injustice of limiting attendance at places of worship to 25 persons, in the same category as bars, while cinemas and concert halls are still permitted 250. We hope that the government will respond quickly and positively to the reasonable request of the Bishops.
    • This past Sunday there were 299 persons present at church (30 more than last week and about the same as two weeks ago. There were 87 at 4:30, 88 at 9:00 and 124 at 11:00.
    • Here are links to some amazing online conferences (some free) coming up:
    • The bishops of Quebec have released more details of their position concerning the new restrictions on places of worship. The government has yet to respond.
    • It could be very helpful if you would contact your MNA and let him or her know that practicing Catholics, which number hundreds of thousands in Quebec, should be accorded the same rights as those who wish to attend a concert or a movie. Just click here and enter your postal code to find your MNA.
      Wednesday, October 7, will see the launch of our Fall 2020 session of Sycamore, following a very successful first experience last year.
      Sycamore is an informal course about the Christian faith and its relevance for life today. It gives you space to meet other people, share ideas, explore your beliefs, and think about questions that really matter. Each Sycamore session involves a short film and some time for discussion. There’s no pressure, no commitment, no charge. You can be yourself without any fear of being judged. There’s a real sense of community, a spirit of friendship and some great conversation. Everyone is welcome. Given current circumstances, the program will be entirely online. See the trailer and register here.

  • September 14, 2020

  • September 7, 2020
    • This past weekend we welcomed a total of 307 people to the three Sunday Masses (29 more than last week). There were 91 @ 4:30, 136 @ 9:00 and 80 @ 11:00.
      Please make every effort to arrive EARLY (at least 15 minutes before Mass), as we have to take your name and phone number for contact tracing, and seat you. Remember that our wonderful volunteers are there to attend Mass as well.
      (For those joining us remotely on Sunday, you will have noticed that the video disappeared partway through Mass. Our apologies.)
    • “Fatima”, a highly regarded major film production of the 1917 Marian apparitions in Portugal, is now available for home viewing
    • Why is forgiveness so hard?
    • Here’s a video a parishioner suggests for perspective on life under COVID-19

  • August 31, 2020

  • August 24, 2020
    • This past weekend we welcomed a total of 316 people to the three Sunday Masses (35 more than last week.) There were 73 at 4:30, 77 at 9:00 and 165 at 11:00.
      We have not yet reached capacity, but these numbers tell you that if you prefer a Mass with fewer people, 4:30 or 9:00 might be a better choice than 11:00. Health and safety are not being compromised at whatever number of people is present.
      (Yes, we know that the Prayer for Spiritual Communion was omitted in the 11:00 livestream. Sorry about that.)
    • The funerals of two long-time parishioners will take place this week in our church:
      a) Joseph Morielli on Wednesday at 12 o’clock noon. (His obituary mistakenly said only invited guests could attend the funeral. That is incorrect. It is open to all.)
      b) Atwell De Souza on Saturday at 11:00.
      May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.
    • Montreal has a unique and magnificent cathedral. Learn more about it here.
    • We are hoping for a COVID-19 vaccine ASAP.

  • August 18, 2020
    • This past weekend we welcomed 281 people to the three Sunday Masses (just one more than last week’s 280.) Our apologies to all those unsuccessfully trying to watch the 11:00 livestreamed Mass. We think the technical glitch must have been with YouTube, because some other parishes experienced similar problems.
    • Afraid of COVID? Get some perspective from Fr. Mike Schmitz
    • Learn about the rich liturgical calendar of the Syro-Malabar Church, based in Kerala, India, and to which Fr. Jaison belongs. He has permission to celebrate Mass in that rite or the Latin Rite that we use. The Syro-Malabar Church is part of the Catholic Church under the Pope, but it is not Roman Catholic.
      Learn more about the amazing diversity that is present in the Catholic Church.

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