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Personal Growth and Community Development

Religious Education is not just for children! We are called by the Church to nurture and deepen our prayer life, and to develop our knowledge of our faith and Holy Scripture throughout our lives. We offer many adult faith enrichment opportunities at our parish throughout the year. Please check the bulletin each week for our LAFs, workshops, and other Adult Faith Enrichment activities.

Contact: Elsa Rivera 514-626-4111 ext. 222

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HEALING YOU CAN RECEIVE RIGHT HERE IN YOUR COMMUNITY? One way is through the Healing Ministry. This beautiful experience is not a Sacrament. It is offered by trained members of the laity or clergy. This may be received at any time, when in need of prayer.

If you would like faith-based healing, in the name of Jesus, be it for physical, emotional or spiritual burdens, you can simply sit and relax with a prayer team who will invite the Holy Spirit to fill you with peace and allow that grace to wash over you. Prayer teams can be contacted at: or may be visited during our service every 3rd Monday of the month starting at 7:30pm.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Mt. 11:28

Contact: Elsa Rivera 514-626-4111 ext. 222

The Alpha course consists of a series of talks (videos) looking at such topics as "Who is Jesus?" and "Why and how do I pray?" After each video, we discuss in a small group any questions raised from the talk. Alpha is for those who have doubts or questions about Christianity, though everyone can benefit from participating. Usually a meal is shared, along with learning and laughter. No demands are put on guests, and the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Invite friends and relatives that are always asking those "big questions".

Call Steve Barillaro (514-808-0634) for more information.

The Fraternity of Saint Francis & St. Clare are persons interested in learning about the spirituality of Saint Francis and how it might be applied to daily Christian living. Monthly reflections are provided.

Contact Victoria Milewski (514-695-2616) for more information.

This is a group that gathers people who wish to explore with others how to live out their faith more meaningfully and joyfully in everyday life.The format is kept simple and friendly, and consist of prayer, study exercises based on Scripture, and faith-sharing.

Agape Prayer and Study Group consist of parishioners and friends who want to explore and share with others the experience of trying to live out their faith in everyday life. It is a way for each person to feel supported and encouraged, and to do the same for others. All are seeking ways to grow closer to God, to be more faithful in their relationship with Him, to develop a meaningful spirituality and to make their faith become more alive.

Thursday mornings: 9:15-11:15 a.m.
Cahill hall
Contact Louise Eberwein (514) 825-5198 for more information.

If you need prayers for a special intention or if you wish to pray for the special intentions of parishioners and others, call the prayer line contact.

Contact Mary Taillon (450-424-3769) or Christine Charron 514-694-3958 for more information.

Would you like to study the Bible in a small home-based setting? Becket has several groups involved in the study of the Bible at various times during the day.

Contact Fr. Mike Shaw - Morning and Evening Groups (514-626-1154) for more information.


“How to build a strong and healthy marriage that will last a lifetime!”

Marriages and families are the cornerstone of our society. Strong and loving marriages lead to a better life for the couple, their family and those around them. Marriage is a very special relationship, whereby two people, who were at one time strangers to each other, grow into a relationship of ever increasing love, appreciation, interdependence and understanding of one another.

From so many sources, marriages are under increasing pressures in our society. It is vital that couples realize the danger signs, and get the tools that they need in order to protect and nurture their relationships.

Over a period of 7 evenings spent together, couples talk about important issues that can get “swept under the carpet” in the rush of daily life. Participants discover new things about themselves, and their life as a couple. This very practical course provides couples with the tools that they need to take a good marriage, or a struggling marriage, onto a whole new level!

The course is given in a relaxed, warm and private setting.

The privacy of the couple is always respected, and there are absolutely no group discussions.

Contact Nathalie or John Bondyra (514-695-7896) for more information.

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Over five relaxing evenings spent together, you will learn important skills, tools and ideas that will enable you to make your relationship/future marriage work. Each session includes an interesting and practical talk, followed by the opportunity to privately discuss the evening’s topic with your partner. There are no group discussions and you will never be asked to share anything about your personal life and relationship with anyone, other than your partner.

If you're like most people, you prepare and plan for many things in life: education, career, retirement and holidays. And most couples spend 250 hours or more, planning their wedding, but very little time, if any, planning for married life. There are many things you can do to begin building a lifelong, happy marriage.

Investing in your relationship before you get married,
will reap rewards for the many years to come.

During the five sessions of the course, you will discover practical tools to help you build the foundations for a lasting marriage. You will look at:

  • The importance of commitment
  • How to recognize and appreciate your differences
  • The art of communication
  • How to effectively resolve conflict
  • The importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship
  • How to make each other feel loved
  • Developing a good sexual relationship
  • The importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

Contact Nathalie or John Bondyra (514-695-7896) for more information.

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