St. Thomas à Becket Parish
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Architecture and Art

The octagonal shape of the church, with its prominent eight pillars, when divided into two groups of four; evoke the mystery of Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary. The 4 foremost pillars set off the Sanctuary. This sacred space is reserved for God's unending initiative towards his People, with its points of focus: Tabernacle, Altar-Crucifix-Ambo, and Choir. The four hindmost pillars are longer and set off the Body of the Church, occupied by the Body of Christ, the People of God. From front to rear, four pairs of pillars symmetrically facing each other evoke the four Gospels. The eight pillars and sections of the ceiling and roof evoke King David, 8TH son of Jesse, and forebear of Jesus, who rose from the dead on the 8TH day of the week, after the 7TH day or Sabbath. The warmth of the wood ceiling and pillars creates a climate that evokes the security and warmth of the womb, encompassing the Children of God with our Heavenly Father's Love and our Blessed Mother's prayers and care.

The pews (benches) are set on an angle to let the People of God look at one another and remember the mutual love and caring service to which the Lord calls us: before, during and after Holy Communion with Him. The granite of the Altar and Ambo recall that our God is the Rock of our strength, on whom we can rest secure.

The white Goldsmith Panel behind the Altar features a large white host shape at the centre, at the very height where the Body and Blood of Christ are elevated at Mass or in the Monstrance for Exposition. (Temporarily covered by the Lenten cloth in the photo above.) It is surrounded by swirls; which show how interwoven are our relationships in Christ. The swirls also evoke smoke, representing our darkness, or cloud, representing the mystery of God; which are penetrated and illumined by rays of light emanating from the Heart of Jesus at the centre.

The Merlo grey and Blue Panels are composed of over 10,000 pieces of colored glass cut and glued by parishioners under the direction of Fran Merlo, parishioner and artist. These three panels were created during the restoration of the Church in 1987 after the November '86 fire. The variation in color from white and pale grey below and on the outer sides, towards darker blue above and shades of red and orange at the centre and the top, leading into the stained glass skylight; evokes the FIRE OF GOD'S LOVE and the HOLY SPIRIT coming down from heaven to purify and set aflame the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of God's Children whom He assembles - as well as the returning movement of our response; which progresses from the icy cold of white and grey, through the steady warmth and love of blue, to the fiery zeal and enthusiasm of total response to the initiative and demands of the red-hot Love of God.

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