St. Thomas à Becket Parish
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Holy Family with Vigil Light Stands

These three sculpted wood statues were originally behind the Altar in the Sanctuary and further apart. Blackened in the 1986 fire, they were sandblasted and restored. Statues give us the opportunity to give expression to the love, affection, honor and devotion we have for the real living persons they represent: "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, bring us into your family - God's Family - and surround us always with your love!" There used to be a "Children's Shrine" with statues of the Holy Family showing them at home doing things together as a family. It is the children who had gathered all the money to buy the statues and materials, but they were all destroyed in the fire of 1986.

The 2 electric Vigil Light Stands in front of the statues were added in early 2008. "Candles" burn for 5 days and cost $5 each. One of the stands was generously donated by a Becket family.

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