St. Thomas à Becket Parish
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Mass Intentions for February 2020

1 4:30PM Maria Bastone (The family)
2 9:00AM Michele Corsale (Christine, Cynthia & Nicholas)
11:00AM Our Parishioners
3 8:30AM Albanese Family
4 8:30AM Diego Rodrigues (Marolly Family)
5 8:30AM Mary Hennessey (Ron & Wendy Redmond)
6 8:30AM Giustina Zozzaro & Giuseppe Romanelli (The family)
7 8:30AM Trozzo Family (Maria Caputo & Family)
8 4:30PM Michaela Furino (The family)
9 9:00AM Our Parishioners
11:00AM Maddelena Nitti Saluzzi (The family)
10 8:30AM Palma Ottoni (Her Daughters)
11 8:30AM Michele Russo & Arcangela Calandiello (The family)
12 8:30AM Filomena Calandriello, Giustina Zozzaro & Giuseppe Romanelli (The Family)
13 8:30AM Frederick & Barbara Kray (Helen & Manfred Adam)
14 8:30AM Vicky and Nando Drudi (The family)
15 4:30PM Florinda Carmeline Po (Blaise & family)
16 9:00AM Our Parishioners
11:00AM Pina & Joe Di Stefano (The family)
17 8:30AM Simonne Vaudry (Diane Chateauneuf)
18 8:30AM Tim Kelly (Catherine Kelly)
19 8:30AM Mark Julius Coelho (Pat & Donny Coelho)
20 8:30AM Rosa & Domenico Pandolfo (The Family)
21 8:30AM Giuseppe & Angela Lodico (The Lodico family)
22 11:00AM Chair of St. Peter
4:30PM Anthony & Lira D'Souza (Atwell & Family)
23 9:00AM Our Parishioners
11:00AM Lucio Picarazzi (The family)
24 8:30AM Elena & Gentiluomo Raschella (The Family)
25 8:30AM Deceased Veterans (Anna Donald)
26 8:30AM Nina Gallo (The Family)
7:30PM Carolina Di Marzo Quinnette (Pat & Yolanda Di Marco & family)
27 8:30AM Luigi Di Caprio (The family)
28 8:30AM Giuseppe, Dorotea & Vito Marcario (Rina Della Rocca)
29 4:30PM Ida D'Souza (Atwell & Family)

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