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Faith First News


Registrations will start the week of June 29th. Returning families should have received an email with their username, password and instructions on how to register online. Please keep in mind that we are committed to continue our FAMILY-BASED approach in a creative way that ensures the safety of all of you. We will distribute children's books/ duo tang in the Fall.

**Early Bird Special Extended!!! SAVE $25.00 on total amount if you register by September 1st ***

**Please GO to the Program Info page for more Information.


We count on you to keep encouraging your child to complete his/her book. We hope that once we see each other in the Fall, your child may have the opportunity to show completion of work!


“And remember I am with you always until the end of the age”. Matt.28:20


As Christians, we are called to keep Christ at the center of our lives and to spread the gospel wherever we go. This summer will be different – Flat Jesus will be hanging out in our neighbourhoods. Let Flat Jesus be a reminder of Jesus' real presence in every place we find ourselves and as a fun reminder to help others encounter God. Social distancing is not a problem for Flat Jesus!

The Flat Jesus Project is simple:

  • You can print him yourself on stock card. (Choose your personal flat Jesus)
  • Get creative! Decorate Flat Jesus – what color hair does he have? What skin tone? What color his garments? How do you see Jesus?
  • If you have access to a laminating machine, cut out and laminate. This way when he attempts to walk on water or gets messy at dinner – he will be protected!
    Next steps:
  • Take Flat Jesus with you wherever you do this summer. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures!
  • Share a picture or two my email or post on Becket's Facebook page. (We are working on a “parent community” page :)

Pick a Jesus template:

A Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for giving us Jesus is who is always with us.
Help us remember that you are always with us during our fun adventures,
times of boredom, and relaxing chill time this summer.

Esperanza Donovan
Faith First Coordinator
514-626-4111 ext. 224

Karen Dawson
Faith First Assistant

Weekly reflections are meant to help children participate in the mass as well as begin the practice of including Jesus in their everyday lives.

The 3 rotating questions this year are:

  • This week I showed God's love by...
  • This week I was a peacemaker by...
  • Today at mass, I will pray for...

Reflection sheets are found on the small table in the hall each week and are to be filled out before each mass and dropped in the basket by the Holy Water font when you walk into the church. Children celebrating a sacrament this year are to get their passports, located at the back of their books, stamped at the END of mass in the narthex instead of filling out a reflection. Weekly reflections also serve as our record for mass attendance.

*As per our Catholic obligation, we are asked to attend mass every week. In order to complete this component of the program we ask families to attend at least twice a month.