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Mass Intentions and Sanctuary Lamp Booking

Welcome to our new online Mass intentions and Sanctuary Lamp scheduling app. To book a Mass intention, simply fill out the Mass Intention Request Form, then on the next page select the available date(s) you wish to book, and include your intention and the requester's name. See FAQ below for more information.
Mass Intention Request Form

Check this box to request a tax receipt.

Please provide the name and address or envelope number (if available) for the tax receipt (if requested).

Please enter the following numbers in the box (four three two zero): (Robot filter)

Payment Info and FAQ

Once you have received the email confirmation notification that your request has been approved, you can pay online or, if you wish to pay by cash or cheque, by visiting the parish office. Please do not pay until you have received the confirmation notification.
You can also mail in your offering or drop it in the donation box at the back of the church - please remember to include your name, address, telephone number, parish envelope number if available, the intention, and the date(s) of the Masses.


How many Mass offerings can I book at one time?
The program allows for up to three Masses to be booked in one session. We ask that you respect this limit so as to leave dates available for others. In addition, we ask that you limit weekend Mass offering to only one or two per year as there are a very limited number of weekend Masses. The same policy applies for special feasts and solemnities such as Christmas or Easter; please consider others as you book your intentions.

How much does a Mass intention cost?
The regular offering for a mass intention is set by the Diocese at $15 ($10 goes to the Parish and $5 goes to the priest). If you have requested a tax receipt, please note that you will receive $10 per Mass. The offering for a Sanctuary Lamp is $20.

Will I get a Mass Card?
Mass cards that include the date and time of the Mass intention are available at the parish office. Please call ahead if you wish to pick up a card(s). Cards are free of charge, but we do appreciate any donations to help offset the cost of printing.

How many intentions can be mentioned at one Mass?
There’s a limit of one intention per priest per day. NB an intention can be offered for one person or a couple for example, or, if you have many people you would like to pray for we suggest something similar to : “ For the deceased members of the ______ family”.

Can I offer a Mass for healing or for a special intention?
You are welcome to offer a “living” Mass for those who are ill, or for anyone who needs prayers. Please include the letter “L” at the end of the name so that we know it is living intention. You may simply write “Special Intention” if you do not want to mention a specific name or topic.

Will my intention be mentioned at Mass?
All our Mass intentions are mentioned at the Mass for which they are offered, and are included in our parish bulletin which is also available on our parish website.

What if I need to change or cancel my booking after I have received the confirmation email?
To make any changes to an approved Mass offering, (cancellation or change of date for example) please call the parish office at 514-626-4111